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18.01 paris @ atelier tampon (+ Badtzmaru)
19.01 paris / workshop @ atelier tampon
20.01 reims @ cheval blanc
21.01 rennes @ mondo bizarro
22.01 poitiers @ cod-bar
23.01 bordeaux @ la centrale
24.01 off
25.01 lille @ la malterie
26.01 louvain la neuve (B) @ ferme de bierreau
27.01 amiens @ la briquetterie

Unleashing the Voice in Creative Music: From Raw Expression to Refined

A performance / workshop with Arrington de Dionyso

The human voice is the oldest instrument of artistic expression and our
primary means of day-to-day communication. Cultivating an awareness of vocal
ability and understanding the process for removing vocal limitations is a
useful undertaking for any person. The purpose of this workshop is to help
individuals free their voices. Participants will leave the workshop with an
enhanced understanding of the expressive capacity of the voice across cultures,
and the tools to expand their own voices beyond everyday speaking and singing.

In this workshop we will explore the voice as an instrument of the soul.
Participants will receive instruction in extended techniques used by
contemporary musicians and sound poets, while gaining awareness of
multiphonics as practiced in a number of traditional and non-traditional
settings, with particular emphasis on Tuvan throat singing. Instruction in
these enriching techniques will be accompanied by discussion of aesthetic
concerns related to the musical cultures covered.

The workshop will be limited to 15 students, so that each participant may
have the opportunity to perform for each other in a small, supportive environment.

Unleashing the Voice in Creative Music: From Raw Expression to Refined

BIO and CV
Arrington de Dionyso (b. January 4th, 1975) of Olympia, Washington uses
performance as a vehicle for driving through the nameless territories held
between surrealist automatism, shamanic seance, and the folk imagery of rock
and roll.

Arrington moved to Olympia in 1992 to attend the Evergreen State College,
where he studied Ethnomusicology, Music Therapy, and Butoh dance theater. In
1995 he founded the group Old Time Relijun, which has since toured and
recorded throughout the US and Europe and has released six albums on the K
Records label from Olympia, enthralling audiences with an approach to
performance described as deep hermetic practice and/or "stewed diarrhea" by
critics in the k(no)w.

Always a multi-instrumentalist (self-taught), Arrington's playing has
focused particularly on the bass clarinet over the last ten years, which he
plays with a distinctly multiphonic ability inspired by Tuvan throatsinging
and the ecclesiastics of Albert Ayler and Don Van Vliet. Pushing the
envelope between musicality and pure energy, between religious ecstacy and
lunacy, Arrington enwraps rooms with resonant sound.

In addition to Old Time Relijun, Arrington devotes a significant amount
of his time to furthering the cause of free improvisation. He is the founder
and curator of the Olympia Festival of Experimental Musics, in its eleventh
year. Arrington has performed or/and recorded with notable improvisers
throughout the West Coast and Italy.

Arrington has received increased attention for his visual art
work, which deals with many of the same themes as his music. Recent exhibits
have been held in Los Angeles, New York City, and Bologna, Italy. A series of
several dozen ink drawings is on view at

arrington de dionyso
curriculum vitae

"Songbook Vol.I" 1996 (Pine Cone Alley)
"Uterus and Fire" 1999 (K Records)
"La Sirena de Pecera" 2000 (K Records)
"Witchcraft Rebellion" 2001 (K Records)
"Varieties of Religious Experience" 2003
"Lost Light" 2004

other recordings-
CREATION MUSIC vol I & II 2001 (Pine Cone Alley)
ARRINGTON DE DIONYSO QUARTET- cd & VHS- 2002 (Wallace Records)
ROOT AND CROWN RAGA, with Cat Lamb, viola 2004 (Pine Cone Alley)
SATURN RETURNS, with Thollem McDonas, piano 2004 (Pine Cone Alley)
EL TIGRIS, EUFRATES, y EL RIO DE LA PLATA, with Bryce Panic, drums 2004 (Pine Cone Alley)

self published books of writing and art work-
"Bromios the Boisterous" 1995
"Thump Thump Skraw Daw" 1995
"Baby Dragon's Colouring Book" 1995
"The Casino" 1997
"A Book of Drawings" 1999
"New Drawings" 2000
"The Witchcraft Rebellion Colouring Book" 2001
"Ghost Walrus Under Moonlight" 2004

Art Exhibitions-
1999 "New Drawings" one man show at the Capitol Theater, Olympia
2002 "Eating Through the Looking Glass" one man show, The Smell, Los Angeles
2002 "Rock<Action" group show, Bologna, Italy
2003 "Seattle Erotic Art Festival" group show, Seattle
2003 "Alchemical Manifestoes: New Drawings and Gouache" one man show, and
performance at Area 5, Missoula, Montana
2003 "Duo Paintings" paintings by Arrington de Dionyso and Chauney Peck,
Capitol Theater, Olympia
2004 "Ghost Walrus Under Moonlight: Drawings made while traveling through Buenos Aires, Gothenburg, Montreal, and Juneau" at A Ship Wrecked, Manhattan
2004 Artfair at Jupiter Hotel, Portland
2004 showing at Department of Safety, Anacortes
2004 art show and performance at The Butchershop, Vancouver BC

Workshops and Residencies
2004 Bard College
2004 Department of Safety, Anacortes
2004 Butchershop Gallery, Vancouver BC