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|GALERIE PACHE 09.03.2006|

"Tickets to real imaginary places"

Lp 30 cm / 495 copies
pochettes sérigraphiées
(Loulou prod, bordeaux)
avec Les Potagers Natures (PoNa 31)

face A
The ambassador's report
Hearded clouds pass rainbows to get by
The year of the cherry blossom
A sail on the nicely nicely
Fireworks in the valley's view
Happy times
Endless constellations mimic the heavens
The group plays a festival
We can see through time

face B
Dune juice
The orange moon rises slowly then swiftly
Hope for no cougars
10 miles to go and no gas
Tasting tiny treats orchestra
Trees taller than tales
We burst when we meet, and yet we stay complete
The new song

11 euros including postage